Wear resistance
Ceramic material is wear resistant that makes joint replacement in young patients possible
100% biocompatible with body tissues, doesn’t cause any allergic or rejection reactions
Pain relief
After replacement of damaged joint patient feels pain relief
User-friendly search system allows patients to select a local specialist experienced in ceramic joint replacement and make an appointment
About technology
Ceramic has been in use in joint replacement for over 30 years. The difference between zirconium-oxide ceramic used in MOJE finger, wrist and toe joints, and alumina ceramic used in total knee and hip joints of other manufacturers is in its ability to provide intergrowth with bone. That allows to make the whole joint from ceramics, while in hip joint endoprosthesis ceramic is only a part of the prosthesis...

The company "MOJE Keramik-Implantate" together with the specialists of the Moscow organization Footdoctor develops a ceramic endoprosthesis of talus, which forms the lower part of the ankle. Technology will fully restore the mobility of the foot.


Tomsk branch of German company MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH&Ko.KG welcomes experts from Germany who will give advice on the maintenance of European production standards and expanding product line.